Theo NegevEdit

Theo Negev
House Negev
Callsign: None
Born  ?
Nova Erstus Hospital
Age 16
Died N/A
Attractiveness 7
Intelligence 10
Education 7
Body Type 5
Reflexes 10
Cool 8
Empathy 4
Tech Ability 10
Luck 4
Move Allowance 7


A natural misfit born to a pragmatic family of negotiators and diplomats, Theo never did fit in. Suprisingly enough, his parents never did attempt to make any changes to his behavior up till now. There seemed to be a silent agreement that nobody was to disturb him as long as he didn't cause any trouble with the other houses. The best times of his boyhood were had when he snuck out of the manor at the most ungodly hour and made mischief on the streets, occasionally to be dragged home by an angry butler. At times it seemed that he was completely incapable of subtlety: Countless accounts exist of a young boy shoplifting from convenience stores in broad daylight. Sometimes, it was a young girl. His sister Aina's dresses were normally discovered in his wardrobe the next day.

Sadly, Theo's meandering loner punk dreams were to come to an end. Truth be told, his parents hated him so much that they had planned for several months to offer him up as a suitor to one of the House Langscheidt's daughters in a diplomatic marriage. An unsightly 15 year old girl with eleven toes was to have his hand. His only choice to avoid meeting her too often was to get screwed and enlist to become a knight. The marriage passed uneventfully and eventually became nothing more than a piece of recent memory.

In the military, he managed to reconnect with an old friend who now holds down a position as a combat operator. A spoiled, sheltered, conceited and immature youth though he may be, Theo displayed some potential in mechanized combat after enlisting. Enough to excuse him being away from his wife for months at a time, anyway.


  • Appearance:
    • Hair: Aqua, Short Combdown
    • Eye Color: Aqua
  • Siblings:
    • Sutchi Negev - Older Male, Likes Theo
    • Aina Negev - Younger Female, Dislikes Theo
  • Spouse: Luna Langscheidt-Negev, Adores Theo. Theo would follow her anywhere, but only out of curiosity.
  • Friends:
    • Wells Anserbach - Classmate, Accomplice
    • Chloe Grenoble - Childhood Friend, Operator


Though he lacks experience in mecha piloting as of now, Theo has a tangible chutzpah for learning. He has some practical skills from his escapades on the streets.

Name Level IP Total
Wardrobe +2 0 9
Streetwise +2 0 10
Interrogation +2 0 10
Fast Talk +3 0 11
Awareness +3 0 13
Disguise +3 0 13
Blade +3 0 13
Dodge&Escape +3 0 13
Stealth +3 0 13
Pickpocket +1 0 11
Mecha Piloting +3 0 13
Mecha Gunnery +4 0 14
Mecha Missiles +2 0 12


  • School Uniform: A black school uniform with button-up jacket. It comes off as imposing yet unassuming.
  • Negev Kriss (Combat Knife): A snake-like blade stowed in the school jacket. He doesn't know what it's called; He just knows the sound it makes when it lies.
  • Communicator: A small feature phone with an obnoxious ringtone and a pink dangler.
  • Micro-Comp: A sleek laptop-sized computer.
  • Carryall: A kiddish-looking backpack with all sorts of colorful, useless crap hanging off the carabiner clips.