This article is really just here to help out with the whole design process. It'll remove all the waiting time from asking me whether something is allowed or not.


All servos except for pods are going to limit out at Medium Heavy at the start of the game, this is going to ramp up over time don't worry.


Alpha Armor is the highest level of armor Rouel mecha have available at the start, but by the time you get to design anything we should have beta. :V


Beam weapons, EMWs, Forcefields, reflectors and all energy pool weapons are off limits as of the beginning of the game. These will likely be allowed later in the game, it depends on how you play.


Only the Gravity Lens and MRL are limited, all other are available.


No gravitics. Not yet anyway.


This is of limits, for now.

Internal AutomationEdit

May not have a level higher than 8.


Stealth and Basic Cloaking are the only things available for the moment.

Shadow ImagerEdit

Balloon types are allowed.

ESPer LensEdit

No, just no. Go away.

Thought ControlEdit

Not available to Rouel or SSC at the moment, though the empire has its variant of it.


I love these things. They are also allowed.


Eh, no.


We wont be going into space much, if any. So just stay off it, you wont need it anyway. :V




Sure, go ahead. No ships though.

Transformable OptionsEdit

Everything except for transat is allowed, we're not going into space.


Combining mecha? Nnnnnnooo.Combining weapons, go ahead if you feel like it. It's a shifty sort of thing though and coolest for beam weapons.

Stupid Mekton TricksEdit

I, uh, don't think we're using many of these. If any, that is. Possibly ninja leaping robots,special effect weapons and tunneling.

Also 'oids, but that's for me not for you so no you can't have them.


No, no you are not scaling that mecha to starship scale. You can scale it to human, roadstriker and possibly corvetter if I'm feeling nice.