This is just the list of professions from the Core book. (D) is dangerous, don't forget.

Actor: Acting, Persuasion, Oratory, Wardrobe & Style, Disguise, Social, Personal Groom

Artist: Streetwise, Oratory, Forgery, Paint or Draw, Wardrobe & Style, Expert: Art, Social

Athlete: Survival, Martial Arts, Fencing, Expert: Nutrition, Athletics, Swimming, Dance

Computer Geek: Forgery, Fast Talk, Jury Rig, Electronic Warfare, Expert: Hacking, Programming, Basic Repair

Cop(D): Ride/Drive, Handgun, Streetwise, Dodge & Escape, Intimidate, Auto Weapon, Interrogation

Criminal(D): Pick Lock, Blade, Intimidate, Expert: Black Market, Handgun, Stealth, Streetwise

Entertainer: Sing, Dance, Gamble, Hand-to-hand, Seduction, Social, Play Instrument

Ert Member(D): Medical, Jury Rig, Driving, Athletics, Survival, Demolitions, Photography

Explorer(D): Torture, Survival, Drive, Fast Talk, Blade(or Whip), Expert: (specify), Aircraft pilot

Fleet Officer(D): Leadership. Expert: Tactics, Oratory, Zero-G or Swimming, Huma Perception, Handgun, Personal Groom

Game Designer(D): Edit, Forgery, Fast Talk, Go Without Sleep, Game Design, Ignore Deadline, Compose/Write

Gang Member(D): Athletics, Ride/Drive, Knife, Dodge & Escape, Pickpocket, Streetwise, Handgun

Housewife: Cook, Jury Rig, Social, Expert: Daytime TV, Persuasion, Personal Groom, Interrogation

Mecha Designer: Programming, Forgery, Oratory, Jury Rig, Fast Talk, Mecha Design, Mecha Tech

Mechajock(D): Mecha Fighting, Handgun, Awareness, Mecha Pilot, Mecha Gunnery, Missile Weapon, Mecha Melee

Pilot(Non-combat): Mecha or Shuttle Pilot, Awareness, Fast Talk, Zero G, Basic Repair, Expert: Navigation, Electronic Warfare

Medic: Medical, Oratory, Social, Expert: Diagnose, Awareness, Persuasion, Programming

Military Officer(D): Driving, Handgun, Oratory, Personal Groom, Leadership, Expert: Tactics, Social

Noble: Oratory, Social, Blade, Expert: Genealogy, Dance, Wardrobe & Style, Personal Groom

Politician: Fast Talk, Oratory, Driving, Interview, Intimidate, Expert: Law, Interrogation

Racer(D): Driving, Awareness, Streetwise, Jury Rig, Basic Repair, Wardrobe & Style, Fast Talk

Reporter: Photography, Stealth, Oratory, Forgery, Fast Talk, Interview, Pick Lock

Scientist: Invent, Oratory, Jury Rig, Programming, Mecha Design, Photography, Expert: Field

Soldier/Mercenary(D): Blade, Handgun, Stealth, Dodge & Escape, Hand-to-Hand, Rifle, Survival

Spy(D): Fast Talk, Jury Rig, Forgery, Expert: Security Systems, Resist Torture, Wardrobe & Style, Disguise

Techie: Jury Rig, Basic Repair, Handgun, Mecha Pilot, Mecha Tech, Programming, Streetwise

Thief(D): Pick Lock, Pick Pocket, Stealth, Shadowing/Avoid Pursuit, Awareness, Dodge/Escape, Streetwise