Primarily seated in the western regions of Rouel, House de Cecouil is a moderately high-ranking noble family rooted in the high court and politics. Outside of the court, the family's holdings are primarily invested in various technological and medical research facilities.

The family colours are crimson and blue with gold trim.


House d'AreilleEdit

A longstanding rivalry exists between House de Cecouil and House d'Areille since their interests first collided over forty years ago. Both houses being interested in the same fields of technology and medicine, as well as sharing ambitions in politics and the court led to continually sabotage of parties, gatherings, and events held by the other house, as well as attempts to one-up each other.

A deal was struck between the two houses through which the second eldest daughter of House de Cecouil would be traded with the second eldest daughter of House d'Areille through arranged marriages. The deal would have effectively ended the feud between the families and would have established a working business relationship, though the deal fell through when the de Cecouil daughter ran off to become a knight. How long the deal would have lasted anyway is up to debate as both houses showed intent of backstabbing the other whenever the opportunity arose.

House GrenierEdit

House Grenier is a noble family and the owner of several medium-scale foundries and manufacturing plants in northwestern Rouel. On good terms with House de Cecouil, developments from de Cecouil firms are often passed to House Grenier facilities for production. The two families routinely meet and their children essentially grew up together, and largely regard each other as siblings.