House SevialérEdit

House Sevialér, for many decades has been a strong producer and inventor of many electronic and mechanical devices, showing reasonable market share in personal and household electronics throughout Rouel, showing a particular aptitude at producing efficient and powerful electronic control and management systems. The majority of the House works to further this business, however there are a number who enter the armed services, specifically those from nearest the capital, with general success.

The house colours are deep red with gold trim, however the normal members of the house tend to wear black with red epaulettes mounting the House crest, as well as red cuffs and trim. The red uniform reserved for those serving in the military or during parade situations.


Latterdam have recently approached House Sevialér for a series of joint ventures in Chevalier production to iron out problems and improve upon the electronics and control systems of their Chevalier. At this time there has been one co-built experimental mecha constructed as a test-bed, evidencing advanced maneuver control systems and improved strength motive systems. However it has been deemed too expensive and difficult to produce for widespread production. Another offshoot is the production of the compact control system used in the RA48 "Mesyazc" melee system allowing for complex arcing cable controlled motions without large amounts of input required from the pilot.

Production CapabilitiesEdit

House Sevialér, focusing on personal and household electronics and mechanics lacks the large scale factories necessary for vehicle and mecha construction, however the factories it does have are top of the line, producing some of the best products available on the market.