This list will incorporate rules made up to elaborate on, fix, or otherwise alter original rules from the Mekton Z rulebooks.


You can spend 1 MA to turn 3 hexes, this does not cost an action unless you use up more than half your MA. If you have an MA of 4, you can turn one hex, move one, and then turn two more without spending an action, this is so you wont waste a whole MA on just turning 1 hex.

Walking backwards is possible for humanoid mecha at 2 MA per hex.

A mecha with arms and no legs, or alternatively just one leg, can crawl around. This makes all movement cost twice as much MA, meaning you move forward at 2 MA per hex, you turn three hexes at 2 AM and you move backwards at 4 MA per hex.

Likewise, bipedal mecha that have one jammed leg, as well as mecha with more than two pairs of legs that lose half their legs, will have to limp around to move. This means you cant move 'for free', moving even half your MA costs an action.

Burst Values, Accuracy and youEdit

Burst values can be sorta broken, if you add good accuracy to the gun. This mean that weapons with burst values are going to have to be restricted in their accuracy.

Therefore, a weapon with a BV of 2-3 can't have more than 0 WA (or +1 for beam weapons). A weapon with a BV between 4-7 has to take an accuracy of -1 or more (or 0 if it's a beam weapon, you get the point), finally a BV of 8 comes with an accuracy of -2(or -1, for beams, etc).

Pure Phalanx guns are exempt from this rule, but it still applies to Variable Phalanx.