House Halbech Edit

With holdings primarily in the northern areas of Rouel-held territories, House Halbech has been serving the Kingdom for centuries. It is one of the oldest standing families with deep roots in the Kingdom's military, as well as significant scientific interests. Had it not been for the Duke of Latterdam, Halbech would no doubt have developed the Chevalier eventually.

House Halbech's personal colours are black with gold trim. These colours are also used for parades.

Rouel-Halbech Foundry Edit

The Rouel-Halbech Foundry is a massive factory complex run by the Halbech family. It was originally used for the production of armoured fighting vehicles, and prior to that, civilian transportation. Now, it primarily manufactures Halbech-designed Chevaliers and Chevalier weaponry, like the Speiss Rifle, though outlying facilities are also responsible for modern ground vehicles.

The Halbech family of course owns other smaller factory complexes (primarily used for conventional war machines like tanks and aircraft) and is probably the most industrialized of the Houses.

Chevalier Design Edit

Unlike the other houses that produce ornate Chevaliers, Rouel-Halbech Foundry designers concentrate on pragmatic designs, which are usually well-armoured and well-armed, if somewhat slow and lacking in the looks department.