Adalwin KibreEdit

Adalwin Kibre
House Kibre
Callsign: None
Born  ?
The Kibre Estate
Age 17
Died NA
Attractiveness 6
Intelligence 10
Education 5
Body Type 8
Reflexes 10
Cool 10
Empathy 9
Tech Ability 4
Luck 4
Move Allowance 6

Character BiographyEdit

Adalwin Kibre decided at an early age that the games of Court politics embraced by his brothers and sister were not for him. While his siblings learned the proper way to address a Viscount and which spoon to use when served gazpacho, Adalwin would be sparring with his older cousin Bertram Targost or reading histories of Rouel's Knightly Orders. Adalwin and his cousin were very close and both aspired to become Knights, even promising to each other that they would enter the Knighthood together. When scandal embroiled House Targost, Adalwin's father Lammert severed all connections between them and his family. Made to appear hopelessly corrupt by their enemies, the leaders of House Targost were stripped of their positions and wealth, their name becoming a dirty word in the Court.

Defying his father's order, Adalwin tried many times to contact Bertram, each attempt being unsuccessful. Finally, he was forced to stop when rumors that members of House Kibre were clandestinely scheming with a disgraced household began to spread. Gossip and suspicion soon scared off his younger sister's suitors. Both Lina and Adalwin's two eldest brothers were furious and pleaded with him to stop trying to communicate with Bertram before they met the same fate as the Targosts.

Disheartened, Adalwin left the Kibre Estate soon afterward to live in the house of his brother Aurel. After several years, Adalwin's fascination with the Knighthood had gradually faded as he gave up trying to contact Bertram. Finally, Aurel had found a record of Bertram's military service through his own contacts. Despite the stigma attached to his family's name, he had still managed to join as a mecha pilot, but he had died shortly after engaging in combat operations against the SSC. Completely devastated, Adalwin decided to join the military to avenge his cousin's death and to fulfill both of their dreams of Knighthood.

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  • 556¥
  • Adalwin's Uniform
  • Communicator
  • Logcompass
  • Broadsword
  • Carryall


  • Siblings
    • Cornelius Kibre: older brother, dislikes Adalwin
    • Gisbert Kibre: older brother, neutral towards Adalwin
    • Aurel Kibre: older brother, likes Adalwin
    • Leni Kibre: younger sister, hates Adalwin
  • Friends
    • (Male, Old School Pal)
    • (Female, Old School Pal)
    • (Male, like an older brother)
Name Level IP Total
Human Perception +3 0 12
Awareness/Notice +2 0 12
Social +2 0 11
Grooming +1 0 7
Fast Talk +2 0 12
Wardrobe & Style +2 0 8
Intimidate +2 0 11
Dodge & Escape +3 0 13
Blade +4 0 14
Hand to Hand +2 0 12
Mecha Melee +5 0 15
Mecha Fighting +2 0 12
Mecha Piloting +2 0 12